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Every Patient Matters

What is Transformation?

Until every patient leaves the Royal United Hospital with a positive patient experience we need to continually look at what we do and how we do it.

Staff from all departments contribute to the patient experience here at the RUH and whether they work on the front line on the Wards/Outpatients/ED or in support services such as Medical Records, Coding or HR, their work affects the service we provide to patients and staff.

By applying Lean thinking at the RUH we can improve:

  • Patient Care and Experience
  • Quality and Efficiency
  • Working Environment and Staff Morale

We will do this by listening and involving staff in re-designing services to make the processes smoother for the patient and less onerous for staff.

Introducing Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention

The RUH has been challenged to continue delivering improvements in a resource-constrained environment. This is done through improving Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention, or QIPP. QIPP is not an add-on program - it is the landscape in which we now operate.

Unlike previous years, this year's QIPP program has incorporated ideas that staff have brought to the fore, especially through the Blood Boiler events. Our most successful projects are currently clinician led and are, in the main, focusing on ways to improve patient flow through the hospital."

Making Change Possible

The division of projects and issues along with who is responsible can be found on the:

Staff will be trained in the tools and techniques of 'Lean' to help identify what works well and doesn't work well for patients and staff and how to apply Lean to remove or improve the processes that aren't working. Through coaching and support from management, staff will be able to implement these changes and help provide a better service for patients and improved job satisfaction for staff.

By empowering staff we will create a culture of continuous improvement and the Lean way of working becomes 'just the way we do things around here'.

Staff that receives the training will go on and become Lean Champions / Change Agents and facilitate change in their area and contribute to Lean events. Lean events are workshops that look to address specific issues with staff from that area contributing to the solutions using Lean techniques. To see those trained so far go the change agents section.

In a nutshell we will:

  • We will use Lean techniques to help transform our services.
  • Hold Rapid Improvement Events - bring staff together that understand the issues and empower them to make changes
  • Develop an organisation specific toolkit of materials and support to assist leaders and their teams in making and sustaining change
  • Aiming for 'Authentic Lean' across the Trust not just the application of a Lean toolkit

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