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The Royal United Hospital needs patents, their carers and the public to become involved with the business of the Trust because if patients and the wider community are able to become involved and to have a say in how their health service is run, we will be better able to make services fit the needs of the people using them.

Good patient experience means that patients, their relatives and carers feel that staff are listening to them and that they are safe and well informed about their clinical care. To ensure that we continue to improve patient and carer experience we need to involve patients, carers, visitors and staff in planning and monitoring of services.

The hospital environment is important to patient and carer experience; it should be clean, pleasant, easy to get around, with friendly people to help you find your way to wards and departments that are easy to find.

There are many ways you can get involved to help improve our hospital services. You can get involved by participating in:

  • surveys and focus groups
  • projects and events
  • specific project groups
  • meetings
  • email checks of new patient information

We are particularly keen to involve people and patients from so called "hard to reach groups". Some examples of the people we wish to include are:

  • people with disabilities
  • young people
  • Deaf people
  • people from ethnic minorities
  • people with mental illness
  • people with a learning difficulty

If you are interested in getting involved, please send in your contact details using the Interests and Skills form as well as the Equalities Monitoring form by email or by post:

Equalities Monitoring Form

Interests and Skills for Involvement

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