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Quarterly Surveys

In July 2016 we introduced the first of our quarterly surveys. By changing the survey every three months we can:

  • Keep surveys short and easy to complete
  • Be responsive to what patients and their carers are telling us is important to them (through FFT, PALS and complaints)
  • Inform hospital projects, priorities and decision making

Patient information survey

The July, August and September 2016 survey asked inpatients and outpatients for their views about how well we communicate and the written information we provide.

Survey Results

Food and drink survey

During October, November and December 2016 we focused our quarterly survey on asking inpatients their views on the food and drink we provide on the wards.

Survey Results

Privacy, Dignity and Respect survey

Our survey during January, February and March 2017 asked patients for their views on staff treating them with dignity and respect and if they are given the privacy they need.

Survey Results


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