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Medical Assessment Unit (MAU)


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About the Ward

Ward Layout

Ward Manager: Helen Jeffcoat

The unit has 38 trolley spaces for both male and female patients. The unit is split into 4 areas:

Why have I been sent here?

You are most likely to have been referred to the medical team by your GP or by a doctor in the emergency department.

What will happen next?

When you arrive you will be shown to a trolley space. You will normally be seen by one of the nursing staff first who will make an initial assessment. You will be asked questions relating to your general health and how you would normally cope with aspects of your daily life. They will also perform some routine tests these will include some of the following-

Initially a junior doctor will take a detailed medical history. They will also order tests needed, for example x-rays. You will then have to wait for all test results to be gathered and will be seen by a specialist registrar or consultant who will decide whether or not you need to stay as an inpatient for further tests and/or observations.

Meals and Drinks

Also hot drinks and snacks are available throughout the day.

Personal Belongings

It is important that property is kept to a minimum (one small bag). You will need basic overnight kit and wash bag. Please bring all your medication with you. We also request that you don't bring a large amount of property or valuables into the hospital as there is a risk that it may go missing and the Trust cannot accept responsibility for the loss of personal property. If you do have large amount of money or valuables it is suggested that it is handed over to the nursing staff so that it can be deposited into the hospital safe. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer form with staff on your arrival in MAU.

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Contact the Ward

All staff appreciate the worry involved for family members and friends when loved ones are rushed into hospital. However, we politely ask relatives to minimise telephone enquiries to the unit, by appointing one family member to telephone us and pass on information to other family members afterwards. This is to enable staff to carry out quality care to all patients.

Also, in the interests of patient confidentially, staff are unable to discuss a patients diagnosis or results over the telephone. This can be discussed with the nurses during visits.

Please use this number only : 01225 821214

You will speak to a ward clerk who can inform you if your relative has been transferred to another ward.

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The Care Team

Daily medical ward round from 08:00 onwards.

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