Working for us

Our Values

We will:
  • Treat everyone as an individual – see the person, understand their needs, respect their views
  • Take time to care – be attentive and considerate, notice the little things
  • Value and respect others – recognise people's contributions, say thankyou
  • Be kind and caring – put yourself in other's shoes, show empathy and compassion
  • Be friendly and polite – smile, introduce yourself, welcome everyone and build relationships
  • Be calm and reassuring – put people at ease, create cheerful and welcoming environments

We will:
  • Communicate – clearly, openly, honestly, sensitively and in a timely way
  • Actively listen – make time to listen, hear people and respond
  • Share information – be transparent, keep people informed, explain clearly
  • Involve and empower others – share learning, welcome people's ideas and give choices
  • Be helpful – be aware of others, ask people if they need help, follow things through
  • Support each other – cooperate to provide the best possible service

We will:
  • Be proactive – prepare, take responsibility, influence whenever you can, focus on solutions
  • Speak up – encourage everyone to have a voice and help people to be heard
  • Take pride – in ourselves, what we do and where we work, celebrate achievements
  • Contribute – share ideas, be curious, challenge yourself and others to continuously improve the way we work
  • Be willing to learn – develop yourself and other's skills, knowledge, confidence and ability, be prepared to learn from others, give and receive feedback
  • Be responsive and efficient – take the time to do things effectively and be respectful of other people's time

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