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Car Parking & Charges

Car Parking Concessions

Disabled Parking

Your parking will be free if:
  • You are registered with us
  • Your Blue Badge is on display in your vehicle

Free parking is available for blue badge holders close to the main entrance and in designated spaces. You must log your vehicle registration number(s) and blue badge details on to the ANPR computer database.

You can do this by coming to the main hospital reception desk with your documents, or call us on 01225 826274 and then show your Blue Badge at reception when you next visit. Each blue badge holder can register up to three vehicles.

You still need to display your badge in your vehicle while parked. If your blue badge has been renewed/replaced since it was originally registered you will need to re-register it to continue to park without charge.

You can park in any of the pay and display car parks also free of charge if you are registered with us and when you display your blue badge.

Concessionary Parking

Concessions are available for patients undergoing long term cancer treatment, and for relatives of long stay patients.

For long term cancer treatments

Parking concessions are available for patients using these services, including:

  • Chemotherapy (intra-venous, Oncology / Haematology in Chemotherapy Suite or William Budd Day Unit)
  • Radiotherapy
  • Intensive Lymphedema (requiring attendance on 5 consecutive days)
  • Blood platelet
  • Immunoglobulin
  • Iron Infusions
  • Ritixum treatment
  • Palliative Care

The following do not qualify for concessionary parking:

  • Oncology out patients appointments
  • Oral Chemotherapy
  • Clinical Imaging and Measurement
  • Blood Tests

Single-use £1 parking concessions are available. Please ask for details at your department or ward.

Extra concessions for long stays

For visitors whose relative is in for a long term stay (more than 4 weeks), a 50% rebate is available if you buy 7-day tickets covering a period of four or more weeks.

Please present your 7-day tickets or receipts when your visiting period has ended.

You will be refunded for either

  • your entire stay over 4 weeks or
  • in blocks of 4-weeks

This is only valid for £15 (7-day) tickets and with receipts covering a period of at least 4 weeks from start to finish.

Original receipts must be obtained and presented for the refund:
These will be retained. In all cases, the rebate is at the discretion of the hospital.

Rebates are claimable from the Main Reception Desk in the Atrium:
Monday-Friday 08:00 to 20:00

Partial blocks cannot be refunded, so please ensure that you have a full 4 weeks before applying for a refund. For example, if the stay is 6 weeks, please wait until the 6 weeks is up before applying for the refund, if you do this at 4 weeks, the 4 weeks will be refunded, but if you then only have a further 2 weeks of receipts, these will not be eligible for refund. Whereas if you collate all 6 weeks of receipts and submit at once these would receive the full rebate refund.

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