Patients & Visitors

Cardiac Centre Clinics

Cardiac Catheterisation


Patients for assessment of known or suspected Coronary Artery Disease.


Patients are asked to attend a Pre-Clerkin Clinic in advance for physical examination,
chest X-ray, ECG and blood tests. The procedure is explained thoroughly at this time and outstanding questions are addressed.

Details of the procedure are in the document: A Patient's Guide to Coronary Angiogram


Dr. Hubbard: Monday and Wednesday mornings
Dr. Mansfield: Thursday and Friday mornings
Dr. Easaw: Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning
Dr. FitzGerald: Monday morning and Friday afternoon


Patients are referred by a Cardiologist often as the result of a 'positive' exercise test or on the basis of symptoms and history.

Appointments are made by the Cardiology Booking Team Leader


Cardiac Centre, 3rd Floor, Zone B


As outlined in the Patient's Guide.

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