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Clinical Imaging and Measurement

Moving to the RUH site early September 2019

We are currently located at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Upper Borough Walls, Bath city centre.

Staff and services will move to the Royal United Hospitals (RUH) this September. Clinical Measurement will be joining forces with colleagues at the RUH in a specially modified department which can provide suitable facilities for bone density and clinical imaging services. The Clinical Imaging and Measurement Department, situated in department C16 on the ground floor of the RUH, is just a brief walk from the RNHRD and Brownsword Therapies Centre, so patients can still have their clinical measurement appointments alongside their rheumatology clinic appointments.

You'll receive the same service, from the same team who will be based in the RUH. If you will be attending for a rheumatology clinic appointment, as well as your Clinical Measurement appointment, you will have just a short walk between the two.

Full details about our service can be found on the RNHRD web site:

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