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RUH Redevelopment Plan

Your RUH is changing

We have an exciting programme of redevelopment in the pipeline, to transform our site and further improve the services we provide.

We'd like to share our initial plans with you, and hear what you think. We have a unique opportunity to think and plan creatively and to build new, state of the art flexible facilities in which staff can provide the highest quality care for our patients.

Our Trust sits on a 52 acre site, and includes a mixture of buildings, old and new. We are determined to continuously improve the quality of services we provide and to make the most of our fantastic setting.

We recognise that in some instances, we can, and do, make significant improvements through refurbishment and upgrade work; our dementia friendly Combe Ward is a great example of that. However, sometimes we just need to knock down older buildings and start again if we want to provide the best for our patients and staff and ensure we are 'Fit for the Future'.

Building a new Pharmacy facility to provide a more efficient and integrated service for inpatients and a range of community hospitals.

Building a new state of the art Pathology Laboratory and Mortuary at the heart of the hospital, to replace our outdated facility and streamline processes.

Opening our award winning £6.1 million Dyson Neonatal Care Unit to provide a beneficial healing environment for babies and reduce stress levels experienced by their parents.

Building a new, award winning Information Management and Technology building, to house our Medical Records and IM&T teams and allow them to work more closely together.

Fit for the future

Now we are getting ready to tackle our biggest challenge yet – a major RUH Estate Redevelopment Programme.

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