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Cara Charles-Barks, Chief Executive
17 February 2023

Cara Charles-Barks
Cara Charles-Barks
On Random Acts of Kindness Day, I want to reflect on why kindness matters.

As people who've chosen to work in the caring profession and contribute in some way every day to making thousands of people's lives better, you're probably all aware how kindness can make the world a happier place.

But did you know there's scientific research that shows kindness is good for everyone - not just those on the receiving end?

  • Kindness increases our satisfaction with life, due to the increased dopamine we get by carrying out an act of kindness
  • Studies show that being kind makes you more energetic and increases your sense of self-worth.
  • Kindness triggers the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays a role in mood stability and oxytocin, a hormone that makes you feel connected to other people.
  • Finally, being kind lowers our stress levels as we are more likely to experience positive emotions over negative ones when we are kind.

At the RUH, our vision is that all of our people - whether that's the people we work with, the people we care for or those in our community - know that from the moment they enter the building they matter. And it's because they matter they will have an outstanding experience and feel like they can be their authentic selves in a place that really cares for them.

Our Trust values as well as our commitment to embedding kindness and civility are an important part of us achieving our vision but so are you. And that's why I've been so pleased to see how many of you - over 250! - nominated a colleague in our amazing charity, RUHX's, Random Acts of Kindness prize draw.

The reasons for nominating, such as how this colleague "makes us all happy every day with her positivity, smile and outlook on life" are so heart-warming to read and show the impact that kindness has. I can't wait to read who receives a gift from RUHX and if it's you, I hope it makes your day and inspires you to pass the kindness on. Because no act of kindness is ever wasted.

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