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Medical Assessment Unit and DAA


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About the Ward

The Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) is split into three areas:

  • Area A - 9 beds
  • Area B - (10 - 25)
  • Direct Assessment Area (DAA)

Medical Assessment Unit

The MAU beds are used as admission beds for patients admitted through the Emergency Department or via another out-patient area in the hospital. From here you will be reviewed by a consultant and triaged to the appropriate in-patient area for further treatment or sent home. This area is single gender and is staffed by members of our nursing team.

Direct Assessment Area (DAA)

DAA has 10 trolley spaces, 2 chairs and an isolation pod that will provide rapid assessment and senior decision making for this group of patients with an aim to triage them to an appropriate in-patient bed or treating and discharging them, potentially through Ambulatory Care.

This area is staffed by Medical Nurse Practitioners (MNP) who will triage patients on their arrival to MAU and ensure they are moved into the correct area- this may be the Ambulatory Care unit where you will be treated and discharged home the same day, or into DAA where you will be reviewed by a consultant and may be investigated and then discharged home or moved into the appropriate in-patient bed for on-going treatment. Care is a provided by our nursing team.

DAA is mixed gender but benefits from spaces that have walls on each side that will maintain your privacy and dignity.

Meals and Drinks

In DAA sandwiches are provided as this is an assessment area.

In MAU A and B hot meals are provided.

  • Breakfast 7.00am
  • Lunch 12 noon
  • Supper 5.00pm

Snacks and hot drinks are available throughout the day.

Personal Belongings

The hospital recommends that you bring as little as possible into the hospital as space is at a premium. Please bring well equipped wash bag and overnight clothes. Bring you medication with you. Please keep valuable to a minimum as the hospital will not accept responsibility or liability for items that go missing. On admission to the area your valuables will be documented and we will encourage you to send home any jewellery or money or alternatively send this to the hospital safe until you are discharged.

Any valuable you keep in your possession are kept at your own risk.

Ward Staff

Helen Jeffcoat-Marsh is the Senior Sister on MAU and is ably assisted by a large team of registered nurses, nursing associates, health care assistants, ward clerks, flow co-ordinators, ward assistants as well as trainee nurse associates and student nurses.

You will also see on the ward physiotherapists and occupational therapists as well as Medical Nurse Practitioners, a wide range of doctors both acute medics and specialist doctors, consultants, housekeeping staff, medical students, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and porters to name but a few!

Their uniforms are all different - please take a look at the uniform guide. Feel free to ask any staff and they will happily tell you what they do!

There is a nurse in charge called the co-ordinator on every shift and you can also be put in touch with the duty matron if you have any issues.

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Contact the Ward

You can contact the ward on:

Please be aware that this is a line that is extensively used and we encourage patients to use their own mobile devices where possible. If you are contacting the ward please delegate one member of your family, carers or friend group to make contact to minimise wait times.

Staff on the ward are very busy and the medical teams are not based in one area so it will not always be possible to speak to the nursing or medical staff when you call.

We do however do our best to keep you informed and appreciate you bearing with us.

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