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Patient Experience Matters

What patients and carers have told us

What you tell us We collect patients and carers views of the RUH in many ways, for example:

  • PALS
  • Complaints
  • FFT
  • Local Surveys
  • National NHS Surveys
  • the NHS website
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Our Patient Experience Team collates and analyses the information that we receive from patients and carers about their experience of RUH services. They then share this information across the organisation to help staff to understand patients' experiences and use this information to improve our services.

We receive approximately 11,000 comments from patients and their carers about their experiences of the hospital every quarter (three months).

Friends and Family Test

Every patient who visits our hospitals has the opportunity to complete a Friends and Family Test (FFT) card. 

FFT is a way for you to provide anonymised, real time feedback about the service you are using.  It asks if you would recommend the service they used to friends or family.

It was created to help us to understand whether our patients are happy with the service provided or where improvements are needed.

Patient Surveys

During June 2016 we introduced the first of our quarterly surveys. By changing the survey every three months we can:

  • Keep surveys short and easy to complete
  • Be responsive to what patients and their carers are telling us is important to them (through FFT, PALS and complaints)
  • Inform Trust projects, priorities and decision making


To find out more about the work of the Patient Experience Team:

You can telephone us:

01225 821735

You can email us:

You can write to us:

Patient Experience Team
Quality Improvement Centre
Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust
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