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Patients & Visitors

Critical Care Unit: ICU and HDU


Meet the Team

In the Critical Care Unit, patient care is delivered by a highly specialised and varied group of clinical staff who bring their different skills and experience to work together in a cohesive team. The department is led by senior doctors and nurses, supported by staff in several other roles.


Twelve intensive care consultants are responsible for leading patient care on the Unit. The name of the duty consultant each day is displayed on the board in the corridor just inside the unit entrance.

The consultants lead the medical team and take responsibility for the treatment and care planned for each patient.  They liaise closely with consultants from other specialties within the hospital and beyond, to ensure that each patient receives the specialist expertise and care they require.  Each of these consultants are themselves specialists in both intensive care medicine and anaesthesia.

RUH Critical Care Consultants

Please see consultant anaesthetists profiles on the Anaesthetic Department web pages for the following:

CCU team at work
  • Dr Justine Barnett
  • Prof. Tim Cook
  • Dr Michael Coupe
  • Dr Andy Georgiou
    (Lead Clinician)
  • Dr Kim Gupta
  • Dr Rowan Hardy
  • Dr Clare Hommers
  • Dr Fiona Kelly
  • Dr Ian Kerslake
  • Prof. Jerry Nolan
  • Dr Jonathan Price
  • Dr Tom Simpson

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Non-consultant Career Grade Specialists

This group of highly experienced specialist doctors work daily within the clinical team and you will certainly meet one or all of them during your time on the Critical Care Unit.

Drs: Steve Laver, Keyur Achyara and Aslam Patta.

Trainee Doctors

Specialist Trainee Doctors make up a significant and highly valued part of our clinical team, providing a great proportion of the treatment and care delivered to our patients. Their individual experience and skills vary depending on their backgrounds and career plans, but can often be very substantial.  Many have worked as doctors for several years and are specialising in Intensive Care or related disciplines of medicine. Whilst on the Unit, all are supervised and supported by our more senior clinicians.  You will certainly encounter this key group of doctors during your time on the Unit.

Intensive Care Nurses

Our Unit is staffed by a highly specialised and experienced group of nurses, led by the Critical Care Matron and supported by a senior ‘Band 7’ team.

On every shift, each patient will have a designated nurse who will look after them by carrying out their daily care and treatment, carefully monitoring and recording vital signs and working closely with the medical team and therapists on the Unit. This nurse will provide the main point of contact with family and friends and will be able to answer many questions and queries, passing others onto the Unit’s doctors.

CC Team Senior HCA Team

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Physiotherapists are present each day on the Critical Care Unit.  They have the responsibility for providing respiratory care (also known as chest care) and are central to the rehabilitation of patients. They work closely with all other members of the Critical Care team and also with the family and friends of patients.

Do not hesitate to ask the physiotherapists if you want to take part in your loved one’s care. It may be that there are personal items you can bring into hospital to help make their stay more comfortable, or exercises that you can help them to complete.


In Bath, we have two Advanced Clinical Care Practitioners (ACCPs): advanced nurse practitioners who form part of the multi-disciplinary team on Critical Care, working across the traditional boundaries of medicine and nursing.  Both are experienced critical care nurses who have completed a post graduate course at Masters level, including academic knowledge and clinical competencies. 


Our unit has a dedicated pharmacist, who provides expertise and advice to the medical and nursing teams on all medications used in critical care.

Outreach Team

When your relative or friend leaves Critical Care for one of the other hospital wards, they will continue to be monitored and assessed by nurses in the Outreach Team.  They work in conjunction with the ward nurses, to ease the process of transition and ensure that the appropriate level of care continues for every patient, as they improve and recover from their critical illness.

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