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Patients & Visitors

Emergency Department / A&E


Working in A&E

The Emergency Department at RUH is the focal point of the delivery of urgent care services to patients throughout the area.

We see a broad range of patients with varying presentations, including a significant amount of complex toxicology, and a significant portion of the initial treatment and resuscitation of all patients occurs in the emergency department.

All staff members can expect to have the opportunity to broaden their experience and learn new skills while working in the A&E - all the while supplemented by a strong & supportive senior staff presence in the department.

There is a very strong team ethic to the running of the department and all staff members from reception and administrative staff to nurses, doctors and Emergency Department Assistants are encouraged to contribute, and we have a weekly team brief meeting to provide a forum for all staff to have an input in the day to day running of the department. 

As well as experience on the shop floor we as a department are committed to providing further education for all our staff, there are dedicated teaching programmes for nurses, ENPs, Junior and Senior doctors.

The department runs a daily nursing teaching programme and is strongly committed to advancing the skills and training of its nursing staff. There is also a weekly teaching programme for ENPs.

There are consultant led tutorials & also opportunities for individuals to improve their presentation skills. We run a comprehensive induction programme for our new staff to help them to feel confident in the department from day one. This is reflected in our championing of the TONTO system of partnering new staff with experienced heads for their first few sessions to enable on the job introduction to the department.

As part of our commitment to continual education and clinical teaching we have regular access to the onsite simulation suite, providing extremely high quality simulation teaching in both adult and paediatric emergency care scenarios - this is available for both nursing and medical staff and our department boasts a specialist Simulation Education Consultant in Nicky Jakeman.

Continuing our strong education theme the Department plays a prominent role in the education of medical students from Bristol university medical school - reflected in the fact that our A&E consultant Clare Taylor is the Dean of the Academy

Our department has several training posts as part of the junior doctor training programmes for the acute common stem and GP training scheme. A number of the positions in our middle tier roster are for specialty registrars in Emergency Medicine, and again our department plays a strong role within the region, providing regional wide training including our recent consultant led, simulation based, training day in the administration of conscious sedation to children and adults.

All in all, applicants can be confident that the RUH A&E is committed to supplying the highest level of care to patients.

Also providing a challenging but rewarding environment for staff to work in, with a strong team ethic to our delivery of emergency care. 

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