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Healthy eating

Healthy meals on the go

How to make healthy food choices

Iron in your diet

Are you having a nutritionally adequate diet?

Plant-based : Vegetarian and vegan diets

Quick and easy recipes for healthier eating

Physical activity for adults and older adults

Physical activity for children and young people

Physical activity for early years (0-5 years)

Physical activity for pregnant women and women after childbirth

Ten top tips to increase physical activity


Medical Conditions

Dietary advice for the management of gallbladder disease

Eating for a healthy heart for adults: the Mediterranean diet

Dietary advice for gout

Hypertension and diet

Living with a gastric disorder

Nutrition support: Food first advice for improving nutrition

Nourishing drinks, 100 calorie boosters

Ten steps to eating well with diabetes

Top tips for weight loss

Wound healing – eating well

Food first advice for improving nutrition

Making the most of your food (A4 simple guide)

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COVID-19 / Coronavirus – Advice for the General Public (from

What is a dietitian?

British Dietetic Association Food Facts

Coeliac UK

Diabetes UK

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Paediatric resources

Cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA)

Allergy UK

RUH Paediatrics and Neonatology Departments : Patient & Family Information leaflets

Healthy eating and lifestyle


First Step Nutrition

Caroline Walker Trust

British Nutrition Foundation

Fussy eating

Infant and Toddler Forum

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