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Send love to a loved one in hospital

Does your dad love reading? Ok, well we can get him a book. Does your stepmum enjoy music? Yes, then we will organise a radio for her. Is your friend really missing their dog? Well, how about we arrange a visit from one of our furry friends.

Use the form below to send love to a loved one in the form of one of our free patient services. Hopefully our services can make a stay in hospital feel a little more comfortable.

What we can provide

  • Activity kits made by our arts programme team, including various crafting and mindfulness activities such as drawing and knitting
  • Support communicating regularly on the phone with a loved one
  • Bespoke audio books that feature podcasts, music and stories
  • Dog visits - we have a volunteer team with trained PAT (Pets As therapy) dogs. Please be aware, permission from the ward must be obtained first and there is limited availability - find out more.
  • Books
  • Virtual visits (we can do FaceTime or Zoom calls and have even joined in remotely into important events like weddings before)
  • Support sending personal messages and notes - see our keeping in touch notes
  • Help accommodating special requests (we have musicians and other special guests frequently so please feel free to make special requests and we will see what we can do to help)
  • iPads to watch TV shows, on wards where TV's are unavailable
  • Sending gifts - if it is difficult to visit but you wish to send a gift we can help.
    See our Amazon lockers or RUH shop

Send love to a loved one

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