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Outpatient appointments during COVID-19

Updated 16 June 2022
Appointments are going ahead as usual. If you are coming to an outpatient appointment please do not arrive at your appointment more than 10 minutes early.
If you're receiving results or discussing care
You can bring one person with you.
A&E and Assessment Units
You can bring one person with you to A&E, Surgical Assessment Unit (SSU), Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) and Older Person Assessment Unit (OPAU). At busy times we may ask them to wait elsewhere until we are ready to assess you.
Diagnostic appointments (eg. x-ray or endoscopy)
The results will not be available during your appointment, so we ask you to attend alone except in exceptional circumstances.
  • All outpatients and visitors are asked to take a lateral flow COVID-19 test beforehand. Please do not come to the hospital if you have coronavirus symptoms.
  • Follow the self-isolation guidelines if you have, or live with someone who has, a high temperature or new continuous cough or a loss or change in your sense of taste or smell.
  • If are unable to attend a planned appointment, please contact us using the number on your appointment letter or the contact form. If we have to cancel your appointment, or change it to a virtual or telephone clinic, we will contact you in advance.

This form is only for appointment enquiries, not queries about your medical condition.

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