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RUH Redevelopment Plan

Why we're redeveloping our estate

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We've carried out a comprehensive review of our estate, looking at our current buildings and how we use the site, as well as thinking about how demand for services might change in the future due to an ageing population or other factors.

We recognised that the buildings on the northern part of the site, and the old pharmacy, were old and beyond refurbishment.

Carrying on as we were was not a sensible long-term option, and making small improvements here and there was not enough. We needed a radical overhaul of this part of our estate if we are to be Fit for the Future.

The RUH Estate Redevelopment Plan

We drew up a redevelopment plan for our estate, setting out our intention to remove old structures and replace them with new, innovatively-designed, state of the art buildings, while improving the use of green space. The redevelopment programme will relocate facilities without disrupting services and patient care whilst building projects are underway.

In brief, we:

It's an ambitious programme and there is a great deal of work and more planning ahead, but we are excited about what we can achieve for the benefit of our patients and staff, both now and in the future.

We'd like to thank our patients, visitors, staff and the wider community for being part of this process to help shape the future of the RUH.

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